Delegation of the Kurdish National Council received at the White House

On March 6th 2017, the last day of its visit to Washington D.C., the delegation of the Kurdish National Council (KNC), has been received at the White House. Joel Rayburn, senior director for Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon of the White House National Security Council, hosted the delegation for an extensive exchange of ideas.

On their way to the White House: The Delegation of the Kurdish National Council (Kamiran Hajo, Ibrahim Biro and Siamend Hajo; from left to right)

Concerning the White House’s policy with regard to Syria and the Middle East, the new U.S. administration has not yet determined a clear guideline, according to Rayburn. The KNC expressed its criticism towards the Obama administration’s policy with respect to the Syrian Kurds’ situation and voiced its wish for the new administration not to proceed the previous shortcomings.
Once more, the delegation discussed the possibility of the Roj-Peshmerga’s return and their role for Syria’s future. For one, the Roj-Peshmerga play a vital role in the battle against ISIS and against terrorism in general. At large, they could also further the region’s general security and stability, because they cooperate with the Kurdistan Regional Government — Iraq and foster a conflict-free relationship with the Turkish government. Thus, their return to Syria could have an appeasing effect on the situation in total.
Moreover, possible forms of Syria’s political and administrative future were being discussed, especially the KNC’s reason for considering a federal system apposite for Syria.
The visit to the White House concluded the delegation’s stay in the USA for the time being. Further meetings with institutions in the US as part of a follow-up visit are in the process of planning.

The Delegation of the Kurdish National Council
Berlin, March 14, 2017