Once again Party of the Democratic Union (PYD) executes collective punishment

On 14 March 2017, Ramadan Muhammad Yusif was kidnapped by security forces of the PYD. He was born in 1969 in Robariya (Dêrik), is married, has four children and his profession is mason. Yusif had taken part in a funeral and was on his way back to his home village when a vehicle with tinted windows stopped his car. According to eyewitness, he was dragged out of the car, blindfolded, and forced to move into another car. According to information given by former prisoners, he was sent to Dêrik prison. His family has no contact with him. Since the capture of Ramadan Muhammad Yusif, his thirteen-year-old son has been responsible for the income of the family.

Ramadan Yusif is not politically active. Therefore, it is assumed that the arrest should put pressure on his brother. Dilovan Yusif is a lieutenant for the Rojpêschmerga and a member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan – Syria (PDK-S).