Re-Published: A draft agreement between the National Coalition of the Syrian Revolution and the KNC

A draft agreement between the National Coalition of the Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, and The Kurdish National Council
Archive Bureau.
Ref.182-date: 7/01/2015
**Document 27.08.2013
“” Edited and Re-published By Geneva Office of Kurdish National Council “”

The Syrians continue their revolution by all their spectra and their constituents in order to extract their freedom and dignity from the hands of a regime that has insulted humanitarian life, squandered it and got used to murder, oppression and terror, perished lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians, wounded, tortured hundreds of thousands of them in full view and hearing of the indifferent world.

Proceeding from the national responsibilities entrusted to all of the political forces that come under the framework of the Syrian revolution, the “NCSROF” and the ”KNC” have held brotherly work meetings, aiming at reaching co-understanding for the joining of the “KNC” and its constituents of parties, commissions and independent persons.
And we have agreed on a framework that includes political and organizational aspects to join the ”NCSROF” on the bases of abiding by the program of the revolution, represented in participation of toppling the bloody dictatorial regime with all its symbols and foundations, in supporting infrastructure and in building the civilian democratic Syria, and in unifying efforts on a political level and in the field for the purpose of building an effective national partnership according to the following principles:

1 – The “NCSROF” confirms its commitment to the constitutional recognition of the Kurdish people’s national identity, considering the Kurdish issue an essential part of the general national cause and democracy in the country, and to the recognition of the national rights of the Kurdish people within the framework of the unity of Syria’s land and people.

2 – Taking action to cancel all policies, decrees and discriminatory measures applied against Kurdish citizens and treating its effects, fallouts by compensation for those affected and by restoring the rights to their owners.

3 – The “NCSROF” confirms that the new Syria is a democratic pluralistic civil state, based on a parliamentary republican system and the principles of equal citizenship, of separation of powers, of circulation of power, of rule of law, and on the adoption of a decentralized administrative system, so as to enhance local authorities.

4 – The new Syria guarantees its citizens and all of the constituents what is contained in the international laws and conventions on human rights and fundamental freedoms and equality of rights and duties without discrimination based on ethnicity, religion or gender.

5 – Syria is a state with multiple ethnicities, cultures and religions, and its constitution respects the international treaties and conventions.

6 – Commitment to combat poverty, to take sufficient care of areas that have suffered from discrimination in the context of development, to achieve justice in the distribution of the national wealth and to work to raise the capacity of people’s living standards in various segments and regions, especially areas that have suffered from deprivation in the shadow of the current authoritarian regime.

7 – The new Syria with its civil democratic system and constitution poses the basic guarantee for all national and religious components of the Syrian people and its social fabric.

8 – As the Kurdish brothers have also participated in the activities of the Syrian Revolution and its popular movements through coordinatives, forces and parties, they should participate actively and distinctively in the frame of the “NCSROF” and its commissions, in addition to full interaction with the requirements of the transitional phases according to its necessities from planning, management and field participation on all sides at the national level .

9 – The Signatory Kurdish forces are committed to promote their national participation in the activities and performances through an emphasis on national unity and to ensure constructive communication with the rest of the national fabric.

10 – The forces, parties and personalities that fall within the framework of “NCSROF” are committed to policies and programs which are approved in the institutions of the coalition, particularly the political program.

11 – As the Syrian great revolution is proving the independence flag as a sovereign symbol, thereby we adopt the name of the State in the era of the independence. (Added by translator: The Republic of Syria)

12 – The “NCSROF” is working to set up events and activities that contribute to the definition of the Kurdish issue in Syria and the suffering experienced by the Kurdish citizens hit over decades by deprivation and marginalization, in order to build a new culture among the Syrians based on equality and respect for others.

13 – Work on the establishment of training programs and workshops to ensure the distinctive participation of our brothers, the Kurds, aiming at interaction between the Syrian youth, increasing communication and promoting of understanding.

14 – The Kurdish National Council is represented in the “NCSROF” with a Vice President and ten members to the General Board whereas two persons from the General Board of the Kurdish National Council members are to be elected to the Political Board.

15 – The minimum Kurdish representation to the date of this agreement is fourteen (14) members. In case of shortage of the minimum the Kurdish National Council is entitled to nominate the alternative to reach the agreed minimum.

16 – This document is liable to changes according to the national necessities and by common accord of the two contracting parties.

– The next stage requires unification of efforts of all the Syrians concentrating them in one framework to face the bloody regime, protect our people from tyranny and its terrorism, and save Syria from the junta, which kept on killing and destruction. Both are committed to work together to protect our people, defend and secure all that can bring down the regime, and build a new Syria which protects its citizens and safeguard their rights.

The Kurdish National Council put a reservation on the following paragraph of the third item („the adoption of decentralized administrative system, so as to enhance local authorities“) and believes that the best formula for the Syrian state is a federal state formula, and the Kurdish National Council will work to achieve this.

The “KNC”.
Abdulhamid Darwish (signature)
Abdulhakim Bashar (signature)
Ibrahim Biro (signature)
Mustafa Sino (signature)
Hosheng Darwish (signature)

Nezir al Hakim (signature)
Salem Al Meslet (signature)
Akram Al Assaf (signature)

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