Ibrahim Biro, KNC-President, at the EU in Brussels/Belgium

On wednesday, March 2, 2016 Mr. Ibrahim Biro, President of the Kurdish National Council in Syrian (KNC), and Mr. Siamend Hajo, member of the KNC Foreign Relations office, met Mr. Alyn Smith, member of the Foreign Affairs Comittee. Not unexpectedly, the EU Parlamentarian Smith is intensively concerned with the situation in Syria and Iraq, since he is well-known for curating international exhibitions about the crimes of Bashar al-Assad as well as about the crimes committed by Saddam Hussein in Halabja against Kurdish people.

This meeting is part of the European Tour which the President of KNC and its Foreign Relations Office are presently conducting.

Later on, the KNC-Delegation met eight members of the Parliament of the European Union representing different factions from seven countries, including Germany, Austria, France and Italy. The conversations were constructive and many Syrian issues had been discussed from the importance for a solution of the Syrian crisis to the commitment to the integrity of a Syrian state which safeguards freedom, justice and peace for all Syrian people to the conferring of full national rights to the Kurdish people according to international agreements. Furthermore, they reiterated the significance of a continuation of the brokered ceasefire and of exerting pressure on the Syrian regime, its allies and terrorist groups to comply with the cessation of hostilities. There was a broad agreement on the importance of the Geneva talks as an opportunity to find a reasonable solution for this crisis.

Mr. Ibrahim Biro received a formal request to deliver a speech to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Union Parliament.

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