The Kurdish National Council in Syria condemns the attacks on Sheikh Maqsood

The Kurdish National Council in Syria condemns the attacks on Sheikh Maqsood and calls upon all military groups to comply with the ceasefire

On March 6, 2016 armed forces belonging to the Syrian opposition shelled the area of Sheikh Maqsood, a civilian neighbourhood in Aleppo inhabited by more than 40.000 civilians, by mortars and locally made „hell canons“ which caused more than 40 dead and wounded as well as missing people burried under their destroyed houses. As the Kurdish National Council in Syria we condemn this terrorist activity and we believe that the opposition forces have to protect civilian lives considering them the red line. Since targetting civilians willfully is what the regime did during the past years, the political and armed opposition schould strictly oppose any similar actions.

Likewise, we demand that the PYD forces don’t use civilians as human shields.

We call upon the Syrian opposition to stop all military actions immedately.

We claim from the political opposition represented by National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces and by the High Negotiation Committee to denounce all breaches of the brokered ceasefire and take its responsibility considering that they are the side supposed to guarantee and protect the lives of civilians all over Syria regardless of who they are. They must honour these commitments in front of the international community by stopping the military action and complying with the ceasefire.

We request all military sides in the region of Aleppo to reactivate the previous common agreements and to spare civilians in the military conflicts which are going on in the region between different military groups.

Kurdish National Council in Syria

07 March 2016