The General Secretariat of the KNC condemns the terrorist attacks in Belgium

The Kurdish National Council in Syria condemns and deplores the bombings that occurred on Tuesday, March 22, in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, targeting the airport, the metro and the opinion of the European public, and which took the lives of dozens of people and wounded more than a hundred. KNC expresses its deepest condolences to the victims’ families and to the Belgian people as well as to the government of the Kingdom of Belgium.

There is no doubt that these terrorist activities, which take place continuously in different places, are crimes against humanity and must be countered with stronger international solidarity in order to eradicate this serious  lesion and dry up its sources.

We stand in solidarity with the Belgian people in this terrible ordeal as the Kurdish people stand on the front line with civilized forces for human salvation of troublemakers and such shameful crimes.
Shame on the criminal killers.

22 March 2016