Announcement of KNC General Secretariat about the attacks on Sheikh Maqsoud

Again civilians are targeted in Sheikh Maqsoud, a densely and mainly Kurdish populated neighborhood of Aleppo, by obscure powers aiming to kill „infidels“ as the Nusra Front and their allies.
We as the Kurdish National Council in Syria condemn those crimes against civilians which are not less dire than the crimes of the Syrian regime, which is shelling other neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo with barrel bombs trying to justify this with a FSA presence. The mentioned armed factions are targeting civilians in Sheikh Maqsoud instead of fighting the regime.
We call upon Mr. Staffan de Mistura, the UN Special Envoy for Syria, to denounce any attacks on civilians regardless of the conducting side, as they are crimes against humanity. We demand to stop these operations immediately and we call upon all opposition factions to condemn those terrorist acts. Also the international community has to do its humanitarian duty regarding those criminal attacks.
Mercy for the martyrs, recovery for the wounded and shame on the killers and criminals.

General Secretary of the Kurdish National Council in Syria
Qamishlo, 6 April 2016