KNC at Geneva talks: Missing this chance would be betrayal

After a break of three weeks it is high time to continue the Geneva III talks, aiming to end the war in Syria and to build a new political system, ensuring adherence to human rights and democratic participation for all Syrians.

As the UN mediated negotations will probably shift to direct talks, it is even more important that the KNC participates wholeheartedly as part of the opposition delegation to give Kurdish people a voice in this crucial political process monitored and fostered by the international community. In this respect, the KNC – contrary to the PYD – takes up a clear stance for the revolution against any dictatorship. The fight for freedom led us from the streets to the negotiating table.

Thus, the KNC enhances, that these negotiations are an opportunity for the Kurdish people to achieve their rights, justice and compensation for the suppression endured for decades under the Assads and former rulers. Missing this chance would mean to betray the Kurds of Syria.

The KNC is aware that these negotiations are neither simple nor easy-going, but complex and controversial. We understand all those who are frustrated by the many stumbling blocks slowing down the peace process. At the same time we have to be aware that a couple of weeks are far too short to solve the severe problems we are faced with. The KNC is willing and well prepared to contribute to the peace process by defending the building of a transitional governance body without al-Assad, and by substantial proposals for a future political structure which includes constitutionally guaranteed rights and political decision-making competences at the local and regional level. In short, the KNC will further work for its demands to be recognized; demands which benefit all Syrians regardless of their religion, age, ethnicity, gender or residence; demands which noone who wants the talks to succeed can ignore.

The KNC calls upon all involved factions to commit themselves strictly to serious and honest negotiations, because it is the only way to create a peaceful, democratic, non-sectarian, but united Syria. We want to remind expecially – but not exclusively – the regime’s side that this includes to cease the hostilities, to enable humanitarian access, to release political detainess and to dismiss Bashar al-Assad, on behalf of the Syrian people.

Kurdish National Council in Syria
Geneva Office