KNC met EU representatives in Geneva

Today in Geneva a delegation of the Kurdish National Council in Syria composed of Dr. Abdulhakim Bashar, member of the HNC, Fuad Aliko, member of the opposition delegation, and Kamiran Hajo, head of the Foreign Relations Office of the KNC, met a representative of the EU who is responsible for the Syrian questions.
The conversation covered topics of shared interest and concerned the KNC’s vision how to reach a decentralised and federal Syria as well as a new constitution which guarantees the rights of the Kurdish people. Additionally, issues regarding the situation of refugees in Kurdistan-Iraq have been addressed and the increasing economical problems for people in Syria. Finally, options how to improve the relationship between the EU and the KNC were discussed, e.g. by regular meetings with KNC representatives.
We support all efforts aiming to reach a better understanding of the Kurdish issue in Syria and of all other topics related to secularism and to constitutionally guaranteed rights for all Syrian constituents.

Geneva, 16 April 2016

Kurdish National Council in Syria – Geneva Office