KNC strengthens ties with France

Today, Wednesday, April 27, 2016, a delegation from the Kurdish National Council in Syria, represented by its president, Mr. Ibrahim Biro, and the chairman of the Office for Foreign Relations, Mr. Kamiran Hajo, met with the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly, headed by Mme Élisabeth Guigou, in the presence of 23 parliament members as well as of a representative of the Committee of National Defense and Armed Forces.

The KNC delegation addressed the Syrian situation in general, the situation in Syrian Kurdistan in particular and the latest developments in the Geneva III negotiations. They stressed that the living conditions and the security situation are deteriorating quickly in the Kurdish area. Additionally, they emphasized the need to return the Peshmerga of Kurdistan-Syria, who are presently situated in Iraq, to their home in order to do their duty, defend the areas and fight against terrorism. After this clarification of the situation the French deputies asked several questions about the previously mentioned issues.

At the end the session’s chairperson expressed delight in the presence of the Kurdish National Council’s delegation to the parliament and in the provided information. It was agreed that the Committee will communicate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide support and assistance to the Kurdish National Council in Syria as a moderate democratic force in the Syrian opposition. He considered the continuation of the KNC in the Geneva negotiations as important and necessary at this stage and stated his regret regarding the split between the Kurdish forces.
The representative of the Committee of National Defense and Armed Forces underlined the interest in the subject of the Peshmerga in Kurdistan-Syria and promised to mediate a meeting on this topic with the French Ministry of Defense.


Paris, 27 April 2016
Delegation of the Kurdish National Council in Syria