Declaration about the terrorist attack in Nice

Mr. President François Hollande, Your Excellencies, Members of the French Government, French people,

With pain and extreme grief we received the news of the brutal terrorist attack in the city of Nice, which cost the lives of many innocent, unarmed civilians.

We emphasise that we are on the side of the suffering French people, whose sorrow was caused by this brutal terrorist operation exclusively aiming at the elimination of innocent lives.

The Kurdish National Council in Syria condemns terrorism in all its forms. Particularly, it strongly denounces this specific terrorist act as barbaric and cowardly, since innocent civilians were targeted in a moment of joy in a peaceful city.

Those terrorists are criminals serving murder and violating human values unbound by geographical limits and covered by their interpretation of the Islam respectively of persons they consider infidels.

The Kurdish people and its political movement was not spared from such hostilities in Shingal and Kobanî. At all battle fronts within the Kurdistan region terrorists tried continuously to threaten the Kurdish leaders and the Peshmerga forces.

We reiterate our support for your positions, your efforts in the fight against terrorism and your support for the Syrian people to overcome the suffering.

The KNC looks forward to the strengthening of relations between our people.


Qamișlo, 15 July 2016

Kurdish National Council in Syria