A constitution for Syrian-Kurdistan: Freedom and Democracy

Erbil. On September 16 and 17, eight members of the Legal Office of the Kurdish National Council in Syria met in Erbil to discuss the constitutional draft for Syrian-Kurdistan already approved by the political leadership of the KNC in July in Geneva.
The lawyers of the KNC from Syrian-Kurdistan focussed on legal topics, the session was moderated once more by the internationally renowned researchers Prof. Dr. Eva Maria Belser (Comparative Constitutional Law and Federal Studies) and Dr. Soeren Keil (Political Science, Federal Studies and International Relations).
In the final session of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Belser pointed out that the constitutional draft of the KNC for Syrian-Kurdistan was the most modern one in the entire region.
The final version shall be discussed and voted on by the general assembly of the Kurdish National Council in Syria as soon as possible.