Murderer sentenced to life imprisonment and his family expelled from the city

On October 5, the PYD-affiliated news agency ANHA (Hawar) reported about the decision taken by the “court of the people” of the Jazirah canton regarding the murder of twenty-five-year-old Falak Mohamad. On July 29, the young woman was assassinated by her husband Alan Mohamad, who is mentally fragile, right after they got married. According to ANHA, the “court of the people”, which belongs to the cantonal administration established by the PYD, sentenced Alan Mohamad to a life-long prison sentence and his family to deportation from the city of Amudâ. The “court of the people” which is made up of 67 civic representatives, including 40 women, announced the sentence after a majority vote.

The sentence caused indignation among the population, as the convicted needs psychological treatment and his family is not involved in any way in the assassination. PYD-affiliated persons tried to justify the sentence by saying that the expulsion would prevent acts of revenge by the family of the murdered woman.