Letter to the US President-elect, Mr. Donald Trump

⁠⁠Your Excellency, Mr. Donald Trump, Mr. President,

on behalf of the Kurdish National Council in Syria we send you our warmest congratulations regarding your election as President of the United States of America.

We highly appreciate the role of the United States in the war against terrorism and extremism. Your country has always defended the freedoms and the principles of humanity. We hope that you will continue to support the Syrian people in general, a people suffering from difficult circumstances, including murder, destruction, evacuation and forced displacement, and the Kurdish people in particular. The Kurds suffer every day in Kurdistan of Syria, but also as refugees in exile. We all hope that Your Excellency will support and advocate for the cause of the Kurdish people in Syria, for the creation of a federal and pluralistic state, in which all Syrians enjoy freedom, peace and security.

Sincerely Yours,
Ibrahim Biro
President of the Kurdish Nation Council in Syria

Qamishlo, 10 November 2016