President of the KNC held a lecture in the Norwegian capital

The President of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) Ibrahim Biro held a lecture in Oslo in the presence of several Kurdistan parties and the local Kurdish community covering the latest updates on the general situation in Syria with special regard to the Kurdish field.

His speech also discussed the latest news concerning Kurdish politics in Kurdistan-Syria and the necessity that the KNC delegates continue their participation in the Geneva III peace talks. Furthermore, Ibrahim Biro mentioned that it is the PYD bearing the responsibility for the awful situation from which the Kurdish people in Kurdistan Syria are suffering. He added that the PYD is not only responsible for the closure of Semalka gate, but also has the intention to cause an economical crisis by closing Mabrouka gate which separates the Kurdish area from the rest of Syria.

In the end the Kurdish leader answered questions from the participants.

Source: Yekitî Media, 22 May 20016