Statement of the KNC on the new interim government

With large disappointment we noticed the inadequate advances of Dr. Jawad Abu Hatab who was appointed to form an interim government of the Syrian National Coalition of Revolution and Opposition Forces (Etilaf).

His intentions and acts when forming the new interim government are inadequate and irresponsible.

This is especially the case regarding the intended installation of the interim government in a geographical area controlled by a radical, sectarian faction, as well as regarding the lack of involvement of women as well as of different ethnic and confessional groups. This policy will not protect the Syrian people from its daily suffering.

The actions of Dr. Hatab reflect the chauvinistic trend and the racist culture of the new interim government. They do not mirror the noble aspirations of the Syrian people.

Under these conditions, the KNC cannot see a place for itself within the new interim government, thus, the Kurdish National Council’s post remains vacant. Considering the irresponsible composition of the new interim government, the KNC rejects its formation.

The Syrian people are undividable in their aspirations and the KNC will not participate where sectarian interests dominate.

Racism, sectarianism and chauvinism do not reflect the components of the Syrian opposition.

The KNC is committed to the goals of the Syrian revolution and its people. The unity of all Syrians is not negotiable for the KNC.


Qamișlo, 13 July 2016

General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria