RELEASE: KNC takes the next step for a democratic and federal Syrian Republic

The Kurdish National Council in Syria inaugurates its office in Geneva

The Kurdish National Council in Syria sets up an office in Geneva, the location of one of the main offices of the UNO as well as of the Syria peace talks. On the occasion of the official inauguration on the 26th of February at 7 PM in Geneva Ibrahim Biro, Chairman of KNC, and Siamend Hajo, member of the KNC Committee for Foreign Relations, confirmed their presence.

„The next months will be decisive regarding a peaceful solution for a democratic Syria. The office in Geneva will enable the Kurdish National Council to participate effectively in the talks and to present clearly our positions, especially the Kurdish people’s vision of a future Syria,“ announces Fuad Aliko, Representative of the KNC in the Negotiations Delegation.

Thus the Kurdish National Council as a part of the Syrian Opposition and the High Negotiations Committee engages accountability to contribute to the successful course and conclusion of the Syria peace talks in Geneva.

Geneva, 24 February 2016