European Representation of the KNC denounces attack by PKK affiliates against KNC rally in Stockholm

On Saturday, November 5 2016, the European Representation of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) organised a solidarity rally in Stockholm (Sweden) in solidarity of the abducted politicians and members of the KNC and of the political activists and journalists detained in PYD-controlled (before Assad-controlled) prisons. The European Representation denounced the dictatorial practices of the PYD against the Kurdish population. During the rally Kurdish flags and banners were raised and slogans expressing solidarity with the abducted Kurdish politicians and criticising the PYD’s policy were exclaimed.
This peaceful rally became the target of massive attacks by PKK affiliates. While holding their speeches, the organisers were called “traitors”, and the participants were threatened and physically targetted. Besides, the attackers tried to harm the Swedish police present to protect the demonstrators.
We, the European Representation of the KNC, condemn this attack against the affiliates of the KNC and against the Kurds in Sweden. We consider this act part of a dangerous development which transfers the systematic repression of the PYD in Syria to Europe. We judge it as a continuation of the political practices of the PKK and its Syrian branch, the PYD, trying to silence all dissidents in Syria. This analogy is especially obtruding as most of the demonstrators became refugees in Europe due to the PYD’s dictatorial and repressive policy.
We, the European Representation of the KNC, appeal to all European governments and human rights organisations to pressure the PYD to publish information about the whereabouts of the abducted KNC politicians and to stop restricting democratic rights. Furthermore, we demand the protection of protestors in Europe whilst they exercise their right of demonstration.

06 November 2016
European Representation of the Kurdish National Council in Syria