The European Center for Kurdish Studies (EZKS), in co-operation with experts, regularly prepares working materials on constitutional law and minority protection issues. These materials serve as a basis for discussions in the dialogue workshops with members of the Syrian opposition. In addition, the EZKS generates translations of important documents of the Syrian opposition and publishes reports on human rights violations in Syrian-Kurdistan. On this page we would like to make these documents accessible to a broad public. The copyrights of the documents respectively the translations belong to the European Center for Kurdish Studies or to the respective co-operation partners.

Motives for Power Sharing_Prof. Eva-Maria Belser

Forms of Power Sharing_Prof. Eva-Maria Belser


Final declaration of the extended conference of the Syrian forces of the revolution and the opposition, Riyadh 22 – 23 November 2017 _Arabic

Istanbul III_ 31 Cornerstones for a Syrian Constitution_ English