New Executive Committee of the KNC Elected

On December 10, 2017, the Council of the Kurdish National Council held a meeting in a village close to al-Qamislo, where a new executive committee has been elected. The meeting was attended by 67 people. Each member party of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) was able to participate with three representatives. In addition, independent persons, such as representatives of women and youth organizations, were invited.

Actually, the elections should have taken place at the general assembly of the KNC on November 7, 2017. That evening, the Asayiş, the secret service of the PYD, had denied the participants access to the assembly hall and dissolved the meeting at an early stage. In order to prevent the PYD from dissolving the meeting again, the repetition of the election meeting took place in secret.

In the recent election Si’ud Mala, who is the chairman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria (PDK-S), was appointed as the chairman of the KNR. The executive committee now includes Ni’mat Dawud, chairman of the Kurdish Democratic Equality Party in Syria, Fesla Yusuf, deputy chairwoman of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (Democratic Yekîtî) and Faisal Yusuf, chairman of the Kurdish Reform Movement – Syria. One position in the executive committee will be filled by the Kurdish Union Party in Syria (Yekîtî), which has not selected a representative yet.

In addition, the posts of the Foreign Affairs Committee, which were reduced from eight to five, were filled again. Kamiran Hajo, politburo member of the PDK-S, was confirmed as the chairman of the committee. The additional members are: Ibrahim Biro, chairman of the Yekîtî; Siamend Hajo, chairman of the Kurdish Future Movement; Tahir Sa’dun Sifuk, chairman of the Kurdish Democratic Patriotic Party in Syria and Ismail Hesaf, chairman of the Avant-garde Party Kurdistan-Syria.