Board Member of the Kurdish National Council in Syria kidnapped by Asayîş

Faisal Yusuf, a member of the Executive Committee of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC), was kidnapped on 2nd of April 2018 by members of the PYD intelligence in Qamişhlo and taken to an unknown location. At around 1:30 am, three cars with armed Asayîş staff arrived at the private house of Faisal Yusuf and surrounded the building. Thereafter the gunmen stormed the house and kidnapped him.

Faisal Yusuf is a board member of the KNC and was the KNC’s chairman from 2012 to 2013. In addition, he chairs the Kurdish Reform Movement – Syria and is involved in the committee for the “Opposition for the Revival of Civil Society”. Yusuf’s health condition is worrying due to a heart surgery, diabetes and other medical ailments. By kidnapping Faisal Yusuf, the PYD is trying once more to pressurize and intimidate active politicians of the KNC.

The spotlight of the international press is currently on the Turkish offensive in Afrin. Despite the dramatic situation in Kurdistan in Syria and offside of international reporting, the PYD continues to commit human rights violations in the areas under its control. It is kidnapping members of the KNC, such as Faisal Yusuf, and does not allow any political opposition.

Especially regarding the current circumstances in Kurdistan in Syria, the KNC strongly condemns the actions of the PYD and calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners. In addition, the KNC is calling the international community to put more pressure on the authoritarian leadership of the PYD in order to prevent additional kidnappings and at the same time increase the support for the democratic forces among the Kurdish population.