Kurdish National Council in Syria condemns the PYD’s allegations against Biro and Aliko

On 31 March 2018 the PYD’s so-called Executive Council of Al Jazira Province held its 5th session. In the closing statement of the meeting, the PYD accuses Yekiti party leader and former chairman of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) Ibrahim Biro and Fuad Aliko, who is member of the political committee of the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces (Etilaf), of being responsible for the killing of civilians in Afrin due to their alleged cooperation with Turkey. Based on these completely unsubstantiated accusations the PYD called for a prosecution of the two.

In response to this, the KNC has published a statement that vehemently rejects the denunciations made by the PYD against members of the KNC. Especially with regard to Biros and Alikos engagement for peace in Afrin the KNC sharply condemns the defamation and hate speech of the PYD against the two. It furthermore emphasizes the unity of all of its members and its whole-hearted support for the two individuals. Ultimately, the PYD and its administrative apparatus bear, according to the statement of the KNC, the responsibility for all possible consequences resulting from their announcement.

© Soundcloud; Fuad Aliko has been unfoundedly accused and will, according to PYD, be prosecuted
Ibrahim Biro, former chairman of the Kurdish National Council, at a conference in Germany