German Chancellery welcomes the KNC and rejects the oppressive politics of the PYD

Berlin, 23 September 2016
One month after the abduction and unlawful expulsion of Ibrahim Biro, the president of the Kurdish National Council in Syria, a KNC delegation, composed of Ibrahim Biro, Kamiran Hajo, chairman of the KNC Foreign Relations Office, and Siamend Hajo, representative of the Foreign Relations Office, was received today in the German Chancellery by Frank Hartmann and Daniela Schlegel, two high-level officials of the section for bilateral relations to the countries of the Middle East. The representatives of one of the highest federal authorities in Germany expressed their solidarity with Ibrahim Biro and criticised human rights violation committed by the PYD, as arbitrary arrests and expulsions, killings and forced recruitment.
The Syrian-Kurdish delegation informed the German Government about the human rights situation in Northern Syria and about the situation of the political detainees who were and are arrested since mid-August by the PYD administration. Among the detainees are numerous leading politicians of KNC member parties.
Additionally, the recently published „Executive Framework“ of the High Negotiation Committee was discussed in detail at the meeting. The Kurdish delegation again expressed its serious concerns regarding the paper. Moreover, the delegation outlined the ideas of the KNC for a democratic, federal and unified Syria.
Finally, the German representatives expressed their gratitude for the information and affirmed their will to support the KNC.